Normandy Beaches celebrating D-Day


If you would like to be a part of history, then Normandy is the place to be next June, 2014.  There will be numerous celebrations commemorating the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, France, and we are going to be there to learn first hand what our soldiers endured to liberate the world from the German occupation.

Since I am a river cruise specialist, of course a river cruise is the perfect way to see all the sites in France.  Our exciting cruise starts on the river Seine in Paris.  From there, we visit towns and cities along the way learning about the culture of each, eating regional specialties, and meeting the locals.  Since our ship docks overnight right in the heart of each town, we have an opportunity to learn about the local history and see the culture for ourselves and not be on a strict timetable.

The most impressive visit on this cruise will be to Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery.  Some of my friends and travelers just returned from Normandy and they told me it was a moving and humbling experience to actually see what our soldiers went through, most who are buried there.

Save the date next June 10th for a once in a lifetime historical experience.         normandy

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